Rankin x Busted - Nineties Music Video

  • Kenzie Yeo Donaldson
  • Emmanuel Robert Owusu-Afram
  • Jan Dams
  • Amelia Tavenner
  • gareth phillips
  • Musa C
  • Jordan Rossi

The band takes starring roles in Top of the Pops and Blind Date and as Nirvana and a white-suited boy band in humorously nostalgic video. They say nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, but Busted’s brand new video for ‘Nineties’ proves otherwise. James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis take starring roles in a fun-filled flashback to the days of Top of the Pops, Blind Date, Nirvana, white-suited boy bands and a whole lot more. Directed by the iconic visual creative Rankin, the video also fittingly takes us back some twenty years. It was a time when music videos were big, bold and colourful, with charismatic personalities playing light-hearted scenes for laughs. Busted and Rankin first collaborated together on the press shots for their huge 2016 reunion tour, and he also shot the cover for their new album ‘Half Way There’.

Rankin says: “This film is trying to get back to those amazing Joseph Khan videos of the late ‘90s / early ‘00s, where you don’t over analyse what it’s about or how it’s been made. It’s just fun and makes you feel good, in the same way the song makes you feel good. It’s memorable and you want to watch it again and again to take it all in.
“What I loved about doing it was how many of the team in my office were fans of the band and wanted to be in the video. It was at that point I realised the video is for the fans and to really push for that. In my opinion, the best music videos accentuate a song and that’s always what I want to do when making promos. The song is the star – not me or the directing.”
Busted adds: “We have worked with Rankin a few times and knew we would be in the safest hands in the industry. He totally gets us and this video is a true force. We love him!”. Click here to read the full article.
Directed by: Rankin
Executive Producer: Beth Montague
Producers: Jordan Rossi and Josh Parsons
Creative: Imogen at The Full Service
A Camera:
DOP: Andreas Neo
Focus Puller: Pete Blakemore
2nd AC: Sonia Rodriguez-Serrano
B Camera:
Camera Operator: Remi Laudat at Rankin Film
Focus Puller: Loona Kasemets at Rankin Film
2nd AC / Video & Audio Playback: Will Stuetz at Rankin Film & Sam Smith
DIT: Musa Clarke at Rankin Film
Editor: Gareth Philips
Gaffer: Paul Molloy
Desk Op: Kestur Mclure
Electricians: Simon Ingram & Johan Cruckshank
Trainee: Idris Rhys
Production Designers: Marco Turcich, Kenzie Yeo Donaldson & Amelia Tavnner
Groomer: Melissa Bourne assisted by Ollie Moorhouse
Costume Designer: Hanna Hopkins
Talent: Matt Willis, Charlie Simpson & James Bourne