Rankin x Hunger Magazine - Big Brow Energy

  • Emmanuel Robert Owusu-Afram
  • Grace Finger

In this beauty story lensed by Rankin, the founder of the #UnibrowMovement shows that glamour comes in all shapes and sizes.

Brow trends change with the times — just think of the ‘80s arch, the ‘00s caterpillar and heavily penciled looks of the 2010s —but there’s always been one look that’s never been in style. One of the last beauty taboos, the unibrow has been collectively rejected and reviled with particularly violent fervour. However, one woman is trying to change this.
Despite being naturally blonde, her brows are dark, bold and tired of being tamed. Letting them grow freely, she wants to inspire women and other genders to do the same. Greek-Cypriot model Sophia Hadjipanteli is proud of her unibrow and thinks you should be too: which is why she launched the #UnibrowMovement.
In this Rankin-lensed beauty story, Hadjipanteli celebrates her bold brows with striking make-up looks to match. Take your cues from this fearless woman and embrace the subversive power of Big Brow Energy. Hunger Magazine
Photography: Rankin
Hair: Nick Irwin
Make up: Marco Antonio
Styling: Ellie Witt
Manicurist: Jessica Thompson

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