Rankin x Relate - Let's Talk The Joy Of Later Life Sex

We've teamed up with renowned British photographer, Rankin, to shine the spotlight on the unseen – sex and intimacy in our later years, in the campaign: Let’s Talk The Joy of Later Life Sex. Shooting five older couples and one woman in their most intimate settings, the team set out to show what sex and intimacy can mean in later life in a way that’s never been done before.

The campaign was conceived by advertising and marketing agency, Ogilvy, after seeing advertising failing to represent older generational intimacy. Appearing nationwide from Sunday 25 April 2021, the campaign aims to tackle the stigma around this unspoken subject. There is a notion that older people shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t want to have sex and be intimate. Why? It is rarely talked or written about yet we know that for many older people, sex and intimacy remains a really important part of their lives. - Relate
Photography & Director: Rankin
Hair: Nick Irwin
Make up: Marco Antonio
Styling: Ellie Witt
Manicurist: Joanna Newbold
Intimacy Coach: Ita O'Brien
Talent: Arthur, Daphne, Billie, Cora, Chrissie, Roger, Mark, Lynne, George & Margaret

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