Raquel Divar - Cherry | MUSIC VIDEO

  • Ash O'Neil

Creative development and directed the talented female hip hop rapper, Raquel Divar, in her music video "Cherry." Developed overall creative/concept, art direction, on-set video director, post-production. PR Release Small yet mighty, solo Portland based female hip-hop artist Raquel Divar reveals her powerful persona on her new music video for “Cherry.” Filmed in and around Portland, “Cherry” red is used as a compelling motif symbolic for the passion behind what you do. With lyrics like, “Woke up on the right side, lets go, Imma stay winning homie, 10 fold” and “What’s good, that’s the mood, that's the attitude, and they ain't got a clue,” the music video for “Cherry” induces a fun and uplifting vibe. Influenced by artists such as P-Lo, Vince staples, and Bay Area / West Coast style rap, Cherry strikes a 1990s feel for the video that pictures shot of her riding around in a car “with her homies kickin it.” A collaborative effort from many immensely talented artists brought together by Portland based producer Lydia Buesseler, from the dancers to the stylists to the people in the party scene, the cast and crew for the music video brims with individuals who push the envelope in each of their respective fields. The music video was directed by Ash O’Neil, a Berlin based photographer and director with impressive production design skills and an immense background as a Creative Agency Director who has worked with Italian and Swiss fashion brands as well as large streetwear brands like Adidas and Nike. Previously also a DJ, Ash utilizes unique conceptual design and direction to impressively portray beauty and human emotion across diverse and vivid settings. “Cherry” was filmed by Adolfo Cantú-Villarreal, a Mexican Filmmaker and Cinematographer currently based in Portland, Oregon best known for his work on “The Darkest Hour,” a feature documentary that exposed the inhumanity of the U.S. prison system narrated through spoken word and hip-hop. Tim Slew of Soundlapse provided the coloring. He is best known as the content creator for the record label Rhymesayers and works on most of their music videos. Raquel is currently scheduled to open for renowned indie experimental group CocoRosie on their upcoming tour. Director/Creative: @ashoneil_ Producer: @lydiabfit DP: @adolfocv Editor: @lynnbousquet Color: @timslew Stylist: @withlovecee Music producer: @jvnit0r MUA: @_j__9_ @image_of_goddess AC: @nocturnaluniform PA: @kailynjane Hair/Style/Assist: @ghost_ryder_ @noendofdesigns Drone: @superflymaui Kelsey Kelly Photography: @misslopezmedia @thebonegoddess Dance/chorography: @_.lyons._ Dance: @zenith.hiphop Motorcycle: @aquamarine3