Rebrand and Marketing and Advertising comms Project

  • Manuel Duboe

TYNA – Active “Constantly moving, constantly giving” Tyna is a brand inspired by traditional ethnic patterns from around the world. Its contemporary designs honour and celebrate the past whilst bringing delight to the women who wear them. The brand aim is to inspire every woman to have a healthier lifestyle through joyful and audacious movement. The brand had been trading for a year, having grown organically and making traction. It was now time to define TYNA’s new identity and strategy in order to move to the next level. We jointly developed a new brand strategy, building on existing consumer insights but redefining them in the context of upcoming market trends. In this process a revitalised brand was born. I also developed a completely new look and feel and visual / verbal identity to reflect the new brand and appeal to a new market segment. "TYNA Active worked with Manu when we decided to do a complete overhaul and rebrand. Finally Agency were instrumental in delivering this from inception to completion. Manu took the time to understand my vision and was also able to glean all I had stored in my brain and was especially able to bring to life some that I couldn’t properly articulate. What came out of the process was a brand identity and brand guidelines that speaks to the heart of our target audience