Rebranding - A Tavola

  • Biagio Coppola

Rebranding project for "A Tavola". A Tavola was born as an online sales network for home goods in 2011. This concept has been translated into the world of the food service industry. Since 2019 the company has created "A Tavola Network" platform wich provides online ordering system for delivery, pick-up and table reservation and marketing solutions for "Food & Beverage" businesses.

Some elements have been moved and adapted to ensure continuity: the square and "at" letters.
The square represents the table that in italian language means "tavola"; the hamburger menu represents the variety of services offered by the company consistent with new business owners' needs and technlogical change.
Logotype is completely handmade using shapes and construction grids. The letters are used both inside the square and as logotype.
A Tavola Network
A Tavola Network is an in-house online ordering system wich also provides marketing solutions for all "F&B" businesses.