Redefining Concepts - Lockdown Artist series

  • Amin McDonald

Lockdown has been difficult for a lot of creatives. Redefining Concepts focuses on educating the audience with meaningful visuals and informative videos. Shot at our favourite Take More Photos Studio, we emphasised comfort in the studio shoot to reflect how we still achieve our goals even from home. Photography: @fahad.akr Creative Director: @drmcd_ On set assistant: @_umarr Producer: @amxnahali Assistant Director: @armannotarmani Model: @douaa_el_azizi & @nadimalmk Editor: @idvsgn Agency: @redefiningconcepts

Douaa-el-Azizi is a independent brand owner & a social media influencer. She discusses how to stay creative as a brand owner during Lockdown in the UK, as well as how to stay calm in stressful situations.

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As a YouTube famous influencer, it can become stressful to think of fresh content. Nadim discusses how to enforce positivity to your daily routine in order to keep the creative juicies flowing.

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