Redesign of online store

  • Ville Vatola

Toni Yrjänne owns a great company called Nordicshot Oy. He focuses on selling quality hunting products on a hunter-to-hunter mentality. Nordicshot and Toni invest in great and pleasant photos and videos. Respect for the game and nature is at the heart of this man. The idea of selling only products that Toni himself would use while outdoors is, of course, a great starting point for a functioning online business. The crank knobs and cheek packs sold in the store are also 100% Finnish made small production from Kausala. Hopefully, the new online store will help to boost sales.

Nordicshot’s website was completely redesigned, preserving mostly only the products and the awesome finished and expert-written blog posts. A new online store was opened in the Wp Cloud service, which at the same time significantly speeds up the operation of new pages, even though they are much more visual and technically demanding than before.
You can find Nordicshot’s new online store here:
You can find Nordicshot’s instagram here:
You can taste tasty game recipes via this link:
You can find all the videos on Toni’s Youtube account:
If, on the other hand, you want a spectacular website or an online store for yourself, then get in touch with us!