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  • Erin Aniker

"TRESemmé and The International Center for Research on Women have spent the last two years crafting The Presence MasterClass™, a 7-part course designed to help women #PowerYourPresence and succeed in their working lives – whatever 'success' means to them. The Presence MasterClass™ will launch as a free and immersive experience for three full days in May. Alongside 30 ambitious women like yourself, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to enhance your confidence at work, clarify your goals, and ultimately reach your professional dreams by developing presence. And as an added bonus, Refinery29 will be there hosting three hands-on sessions with some inspiring women we love. After The Presence MasterClass™ you’ll receive six months of invaluable support to help you put everything you learned into practice. This will include three months of personalised coaching, and a further three months of virtual group sessions with your MasterClass peers. The MasterClass is open to women from all working backgrounds, whether you're a teacher, lawyer, retail manager, dancer or social worker. All you need to do is describe an upcoming, pivotal moment in your career – for which a strong sense of presence will help you succeed. For example: Asking for a pay rise or promotion Requesting to change your hours A major interview Switching careers Starting a business An important audition Returning to work after maternity leave"


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