Rice At Home Podcast

  • Ruth Amo-Agyei
Join Ama, Travis and Michael as they embark a quite unconventional journey to become financially free in their 30s.
The Rice At Home podcast is a platform which discusses Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship and current affairs. We want to create a revolution in today's society. Join us?
We started the podcast in Septemeber 2017 to bring a voice to young black, BAME & underprivelleged individuals who are seeking to achieve great things.
Find the podcast on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher & Google Podcasts.
The Recipe for Success Ebook written by the Rice At Home Team (Ama, Michael & Travis) released in May 2018. We decided to write an ebook centred around making success with a recipe of Hard work, Education, Mentorship, Calculated risk & your own personal touch. The ebook has been successful.