Rolls Royce Power Systems

  • Elif Gurbuz

Design System | 2019 Following the digital transformation of Rolls Royce, their new venture Rolls Royce Power Systems (formerly MTU) needed a facelift of similar nature that would allow their brand voice to shine through their ecosystem and tie together all of their digital products. I was brought into this project to create a design system that includes a UI kit and a component library of reusable assets. I worked with a remote UX team that made an extensive audit of the existing RRPS patterns across responsive web and mobile applications. Following RRPS guidelines, I then developed a new look and feel for the experience, starting from typography and colours, moving onto an atomic level and all the way to molecules. The aim of this project was to provide the client with a living set of components and guidelines to deliver consistent experiences and messaging at scale and over time. This tool was then handed over to product teams to be used in delivering solutions to specific customer problems in delivery. Client: Rolls Royce Power Systems Role: Senior UI Designer