Royal Opera House - Evoking Emoji

Young people are not interesting in the opera anymore.​
Use emojis to show the emotions portrayed in opera performances as well as relating it to popular social media and sayings.
Print and Social
Our frequently used emojis are very personal to ourselves. On Facebook we offer to create a video with the users most used emojis.
Much like the other elements of the campaign, emojis would cover the actor's face and would be pinned to them in the video.
Users could chose their scene and share the video with all their friends after it has randomly generated the video - every video would be different!

We'd create a story on Snapchat. Following from the print ads, we would use one of Snapchat's features which allows you to pin an emoji to a video and it will stay pinned to whatever object you chose.
We would use footage of current operatic performances at the Royal Opera House and attach an emoji to the singer's face.
These videos are shareable to Snapchat so would reach a big audience.

Team Credits

Becky Reynolds

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  • Art Director

Chris Norman

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