• Amy Barker

A catalogue for RPC M&H Plastics showcasing the range of components they can produce for the healthcare industry.


This print project aimed to showcase RPC M&H Plastics range of healthcare products. With a range of products in the hundreds with varied, price points, specifications and interchangeable lids and dispensers, it was important to present the products in a logical order and make it clear which products were compatible with which.

Creating a militant style grid, and applying this through out meant the customer could navigate the pages clearly. Sections broken up by large images demonstrating how one of the key products of that section is used. These images were black and white to keep a cleaner aesthetic.

The blue applied was assigned to this sector via the visual brand guidelines, using white here after gives a clean and clinical feel, appropriate to the content. Circular shapes sprinkled through to soften the militant grid and create movement. Typography was applied as per the brand guidelines, each section, label and table of specification ensured to be readable and legible.