Request World - New Venture Project: A luxury lifestyle retailer with an open platform.

  • Courtney Brown

Request world (RQST) is a social e-commerce company with a plan to cultivate a community of luxury casualwear and lifestyle enthusiasts that want a global and culturally richer selection of creators to have open access to the resources they need to design and sell sensibly and sustainably with, and for fans, the lovers of urban culture, worldwide. The social e-commerce company behind RQST is currently run solely by the owner, and product designer, Courtney. He is a British citizen and ex-pat working toward gaining Portuguese residency while he finishes his master's in the arts of innovation, with a major in electrical and electronic engineering, where he specialises in network and communication systems. The most pressing company objective is crowdfunding investment for the creation of the employment opportunities necessary to launch a luxury casualwear marketplace and custom-apparel creation service for up-and-coming clothing labels, brands, and designers locally first, before proceeding to seek further investment to go in with the profits, for a global expansion of the service, and proprietary production houses and delivery centres worldwide. The product of the marketplace and service aims to alleviate some of the sustainability pressures and challenges, which designers face when trying to design, create and sell new apparel designs, by providing them with an open platform to reach, connect, and interact with fans prior to the digital virtualisation of their final designs for presale, and production, and distribution of their new garment designs. The luxury casualwear marketplace and custom-apparel creation service is aiming toward up-and-coming labels, brands and creators that want to reach, connect, and interact with fans and other creators prior to the marketplace launch and presale of their new garment collections. Creators using the service will be taken from initial ideas, through concept development, and the formation and collection of inspiration which they can test with consumers before they get to virtualise and visualise their final designs as digital garment creations, for a final review, and the presale launch of their new garment products into the luxury casualwear creator marketplace. The brand mission is to serve as an open platform that brings together luxury casualwear enthusiasts, audio-visual-and-literacy content creators, pattern makers, and lovers of urban culture, by curating and executing a crowdsource strategy that promotes the broad spectrum of digital artists capturing and documenting the contemporary life and events within their city. The company aims to position itself as a lifestyle retailer with a marketplace and service solution that grants up-and-coming creators’ access to their audience by connecting and guiding them through the co-creation of concept development and presale advertisement campaigns, which will allow them to reach, connect, and interact with a larger audience of luxury enthusiasts, creators, and lovers of urban culture. The company mission is to be unlike the usual lifestyle retailer that house and resell the garment products of established brands or clothing-labels, by sharing their future platform with up-and-coming creators that need an emergence boost before the launching as a lifestyle retailer custom-apparel creation service for creators and consumers to co-design new garment products prior to going on presale within the luxury casualwear creator marketplace. Consumers can expect to see and take part in the broad selection of emergent creators that are to go through the custom-apparel service, where they can participate in the co-design the future collections of their favourite creator, by feeding suggestions and responses into the concept development campaign of the creator. Additionally, consumers can expect a cultural exchange of music, literature, art, and sport through the lifestyle documentation of between countries, cities, and urban spaces. Customers can expect to shop and buy a limited selection of exclusive and luxury garments from their favourite creators in the luxury casualwear marketplace. Casualwear categories will include a mixture of the past, present, and new styles with the recreation and workings of vintage gems, streetwear, skatewear, and workwear to name a few.