RSA Make Fashion Circular brief

  • Caitlin Sparks

This brief challenged me to propose a design applying circular design principles to innovate everyday clothing items. Problem When we buy clothes not much is said on the label about the conditions it was made in or how far it travelled to get here. Many people are happy that this process is kept out of sight and out of mind. Transparency is of most importance in a circular economy, as it ensures we know exactly how our clothes were made and the impact they had on the earth. Process T-shirt designs contain text providing more information about itself than a label does. A wide range of media was used to draw elements of the earth creating marks and textures. The company Rapanui produce their clothing made to order and encourage the wearer to send back the material to be remade into a new t-shirt. I will follow this model whilst revealing to the customer how many times the t-shirt has been rewoven. For this to be possible they will be made from 100% organic cotton. Proposal To create t-shirt designs that are conversation starters and made sustainably from start to finish. They will give the knowledge needed to get the most out of your t-shirt, while also providing instructions on what to do once it’s worn out. This should allow for more discussions about transparency in the fashion industry.