S. O. Institute

Space and Object (S.O.) Institute is an architectural and spatial proposal, that serves the purpose of investigating sustainability in relation to the conjunction between humanity, nature and time.The goal of the institution is to look at the human condition from a different perspective. Without any type of external energy, the space is designed to be in a continuous process of decay. Visitors would be able to explore the duality of tangible and intangible that we live within. The flux of light, natural forces and time give form to the space and experience within it. The three rooms, Re+creation, In- tension, and Un/ stable, dissect what humans have to surrender to and accept. As the project is a proposal, the architectural design with the installations can be explored from the website. https://soinstitute.cargo.site/ Art Direction: Chiara Ruozzo +Vanessa Chirayus + Mantas Bruzas Research: Chiara Ruozzo Digital space developer: Vanessa Chirayus Web developer: Mantas Bruzas Sculptures and mock-ups: Chiara Ruozzo

In - Tension installation to showcase the tension between the human physicality and the metaphisical.
Re+Creation floor installation in the first room of the space.
Un/stable, a spider web designed chair for the last room.
The strength of the chair is opposed to delicate “spiderwebbed” appearance.

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