Samsung Galaxy Wallpapers x Marco Oggian

  • Sam Russell Walker

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a unique punch-hole design for the front-camera which in the beginning of 2019 We Are Social invited the talented illustrator Marco Oggian to help celebrate it! Samsung wanted to collaborate with artists to create exclusive wallpapers that highlight this distinctive element whilst celebrating cultural events from around the world. Towards the later part of 2019 Samsung, also had Marco develop exclusive wallpapers for other handsets, such as the Samsung Note Series. Marco graced us with 3 fresh new designs each month to promote the launch of the new Galaxy S10 and were shared on the Galaxy Theme Store each month from May 2019 – December 2019. They were able to be downloaded by Samsung users for free to help spice up their hand held devices whilst staying connected to various worldwide cultural events. Digital displays at Samsung retail locations also showcased his dynamic and playful wallpaper-related content. Illustration - Marco Oggian Creative Production - Sam Walker (myself) & Hannah Shilland Agency - WeAreSocail Singapore Client - Samsung