Samsung - Launching People

  • Cyrus Vantoch-Wood
  • Nana Bempah
Background - Samsung knows that when human potential meets their technology, amazing things can happen. And they wanted to show real people how technology could help them realize their full potential.
Business problem - The technology category is full of unrealistic, overblown uses of technology, which undermines peoples’ sense of what is really possible.
Creative strategy - To show in detail how technology can help individuals realize their full potential.
Creative approach - We needed a longer format to show what real people can really achieve with technology. We created a TV series with Sky 1 that showed massive creative talents, coaching up-and-comers. Not the ‘X Factor’ style of mentoring, but in depth, hands on and the only prize being what they can achieve together.
Results - 1.3 million watched the show. 2.4 million watched the online content. 3.7 million liked or shared our Facebook content.

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