Saturday 9th September

  • Stephanie Seugmin Kim

A special pop up party on Saturday - The convergence of art, architecture and agriculture is a logical evolution of the human experience on earth and man’s relationship with nature. The relationship between architecture and agriculture addresses existential issues including sustainability, health, community and our collective future. Challenging topics like sustainable agriculture and the future of farming require art to easily express the matter to the audience. Dr Stephanie Seungmin Kim, is leading the exhibition. She engaged four artists with exceptional creativeartistic language and recognized for their work on the forefront of discourse. The exhibition features what goes beyond their existing works, penetrating the philosophy of MadBerry Farm House, with their unique and diverse perspectives; the exhibition featuring the artists’ works resembles the nursery work of raising seedlings of a crop. Just as Myeong-dong was the center of Korea’s modernization and cultural abundance, the philosophy of the space that underlies the work of these four artists will revitalize the land, just like tillingoverturning an old field to restore life.