Saturday Night & Sunday Morning: the authentic moment in British photography

  • Paul Leadbitter
Book design
When making books I work collaboratively, sharing responsibility for idea generation, concept development, picture editing, and layout development. I’m always actively involved with the writing and editing too.
Working with Anna Douglas always results in a volume that will have meaning long after the associated event or exhibition has closed.
Curated by Anna, Saturday Night & Sunday Morning: the authentic moment in British photography was an exhibition of 1950s and 1960s photographs that explored the theme of authenticity through comparisons with the film of the same title. The book was designed to support the exhibition at Nottingham’s Djanogly Art Gallery, November 2012–February 2013.
Five short photographic essays juxtapose the film stills alongside commercial, industrial, architectural, fashion, domestic, sociological and artistic photographs, inviting the reader to engage with and reflect upon the many forms of photography.
Other work included logotype design and exhibition graphics.
Our second collaboration with Hands-on associates, the resulting publication was both exhibition catalogue and artwork in its own right. The layout and typography were intelligently researched, giving the pages a narrative flow that brought our subject and the period to life. Again, fastidiously delivered within budget, the book was a sell-out before the exhibition ended.
Neil Walker Visual Arts Officer, Djanogly Art Gallery
A4 297mm x 210mm
CMYK throughout
Hands-on associates portfolio page