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SAULE is an illustrated trilogy of books, telling a life story of a Baltic Solar deity Saule. It is a homage to a motherland, a tribute to Baltic folklore, and a personal attempt to reconnect with my cultural roots.

The story of my upbringing is surrounded by pieces of broken expectations. The fall of USSR a year later after my birth, instantly followed by the fall of my parent's marriage, left me in a surreal dimension between two cultures and two step-families. I was told I am Russian Latvian, and at the age of 15 after passing examination on Latvian Language and Latvian Constitution and singing Latvian hymn, I was given a Latvian passport (before I was carrying a 'non-citizen' one!).

My grandmother became my family, and we both knew that asking too many questions will lead us to a dead end. Instead, grandmother used to entertain me with ghost stories about 'barabashka' (a little bearded man, home's guardian), spirits of deceased relatives, enigmatic dreams, and prophetic visions. Spirits and customs of Slavic Folklore were introduced to me in it's purest way, through the word of mouth, from oldest generation, just the way it should be.

As a result, I have constructed an odd perspective of how the world works. Reality was all about broken expectations, and I was the one who should walk through those shatters of broken glass without asking too many questions. But as a survival instinct, I developed an ability to build those imaginative worlds where things are just the way I want them to be, where dreams become reality, and where barabashka and the ghost of my deceased great-grandfather were as real as my girlfriends in the yard.

I stepped out from my dark and magical bubble and left my country. And here the questions raised. 'Where is my home?' and 'Where do I belong?'. I knew that this time they must be answered.

Based on a Latvian Folk tale, SAULE is an ode to this imaginary magical places without geographical boundaries and national identifications we call home.

The current book 'THE BIRTH OF THE SUN' reflects on the first stages of Saule's life, her appearance on the sky, as well as her daily rituals
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