Schweppes ‘Taste Your Curiosity’ Director's Cut

Schweppes ‘Taste Your Curiosity’ is a series of 5 tvc’s made for the Nordic and Central European (Polish) market. Commissioned by XXS, the films were directed by Jorrit Stollman who is a regular guest director at The Panics. The challenge set by XXS was to create visually rich films laced with metaphorical images/ questions showcasing the sensory sensation of the Schweppes flavours, coupled with beautiful shots of the liquid drinks. For Stollman, this was a brief firmly in his specialist area, focusing on capturing high-speed, highly aesthetic fluid shots, interwoven with human social situations. His vision was then intercut with a sharp design language to achieve a highly contemporary approach, directed primarily at the varying regional consumer demographics. (The two Nordic films were more focused on the social aspect of drinking whereas the Central European films were more product led.) The Panics took on both the live action production but also the complete post production. Agency: XXS Production Company: The Panics (For XXS) Client Service Director: Daniel Kok Creative Direction: Remy Kurpershoek en Hans van Nood Creative team: Barend Stegeman en Wessel Beumer Head of Production: Judith Kampman Producer: Niels Scheide (For The Panics) Executive Producer: Annejes van Liempd Director: Jorrit Stollman DoP: Mick van Rossum Line Producer: Inge Zoete SFX: Erik Voors Foodstyling: Cees Visser Packshot Photography: Hessel Waalewijn Art Department: kamer 465 / Marie-Claire Design Director: Erwin van den IJssel Editors: Erwin van den IJssel, Doma Harkai, Hugo Morais Motion Designer: Doma Harkai Junior Motion Designer: Raphael Toth Senior VFX Artist: Chris Staves Compositor: Chris Staves Colour Grading: Erwin van den IJssel, Doma Harkai