Scribe – A Memory Game

RSA – Agile Ageing
The Brief Design a way to increase and maintain mental agility in older age.
This brief looks at the ageing population and the challenges that go with it. Address how older people can enhance and maintain their mental agility, and in turn enhance their overall well-being, for longer more fulfilling lives. This brief is to design something that helps people to embed behaviours that will maintain and increase ‘brain power’ and improve the quality of mature years.
My research showed that telling stories or recounting memories is a good activity for keeping the brain sharp and active. Most people can remember their grandparents and parents sharing stories with them, fact or fiction. Not only does it enhance brain power, but it helps bring families closer together, and telling stories can be a very intimate experience.
Outcome Scribe  A Storytelling Game
Rules Groups of 2-5 Each player picks one card from each pile, character, setting, object and prompt. They then tell a story which interoperates all of their cards.
I have chosen this idea because I feel it exercises the mind whilst still being fun to play with the family. This game takes on the history of a Tarot card and looks at how they could be used in a different way. Rather than be used to tell the future they can be used to tell infinite stories. Some of the cards correspond to the original Tarot cards, e.g. Fool, Magician and Lovers. However others have been created for this game. I don’t feel the game needs a ‘winner’ as it is just for fun and to exercise the brain. Telling a story is quite difficult, therefore I have added the prompt cards to help people start their narrative.
I have chosen GT Walsheim Pro as the typeface for my cards. This typeface is sans serif and quite rounded, giving a soft feel that works for the product. The design around the writing on the back of the cards is quite simple but also eludes to the complex designs of old fashioned playing cards. The stars give the design an astrological feel which fits with the origins of idea for the cards being Tarot cards.
For my final designs I have chosen to create simple symbols for each card. Although these symbols are very simple, they have personality and all link with the same visual style. These have been digitally layered over different pages of the book ‘The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan’ which I picked up from a charity shop. As well as having nice design on the cover, spine and title pages, the book also has brilliant headings which can be seen in the background of the cards. The design ideas for backs of the cards and the packaging come from the designs on the cover and spine of ‘The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan’. 
Each group has its own colour. Green is for the Setting cards. Purple is for the Character cards. Blue is for the Object cards. Finally Red is for the Prompt cards. The typeface used on the cards is GT Walsheim Pro in Bold, the same typeface as is on the back of the cards and is in the colour corresponding to its group. The thicker weight of this type links with the thick black of the symbols.

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Emily Georgia Lord

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Emily Georgia Lord
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