Scuba Health

This project was a great opportunity to explore new ways of working and develop fast paced creative strategies. I worked in a small collaborative team on an industry led brief to a tight deadline which we then proceeded on, to present the work to industry professionals. This project was set by the company Bright Blue Day and was a brief that they received from RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

The challenge was to get male divers 45 and over to make the association between their current health and diving activities, and drive them to undertake a general medical health check but mainly focussing on heart health. The idea was to stop divers in their tracks and make them stop and think “I should get my heart checked”. From which we designed the slogan - “Be smart, Check your heart.”

As men of this age are generally reluctant to go to the doctors we decided a do it yourself check system would be most appropriate. Id like to introduce you to “Scuba Health” a lifestyle quiz which risk assesses you on different components of your life and places you in a risk pool which then asks you to act upon this accordingly.


Harriet Roberts

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Daisy Miller

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