Sculpture Piracy / LES DEBRIS NUMÉRIQUE / RCA Final Show / 2017

4m2 of the Louvre digitally pirated and physically replicated.
Paris 4.11.14 
Scanned from the Louvre's Dept. of Greek, Etruscan & Roman Antiquities
London 1.2.15
Printed and exhibited in the Royal College Of Art
Sculpture piracy is the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted sculptures or surrounding content that is then sold or redistributed at a substantially lower quality.
Glitched matter exposes the digital mistranslation as it is pushed back into the physical space. The suspended ‘digital debris’ mimics the 3D interface and the corrupted scans within it.
‘This project embraces the tension between the sublime nature of the original artifacts and the exposed fragmentation of Koseda’s digital piracy technique.’ – David Blamey
The imperfect replication system is reflective of the renaissance ‘polymath’ Leon Battista Alberti, who could be considered to have pioneered the first digitisation of 3D imaging.
‘Not only tomorrow but in a thousand years, he [The Fabricator] will be able to map/relocate it precisely in such a way that there won’t be any part of the sculpture that is misplaced. It will sit in the same position in the air that it was in the first place.’ - Della Pittura - E Della Statua Di Leon Batista Alberti