Sherlock Abominable Bride Cinematics

  • rob john

Hi all, thought I would share some past projects which I am very proud of over the coming weeks. I would like to start with Sherlock: Abominable Bride starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman I was asked to create the iconic artwork for the cinematic release. Having designed all of the previous Sherlock iconic artwork used for DVD and streaming I was entrusted with working on this project. My task was to create two separate campaign iconics one for the UK region and the other for Asia, specifically China. I had to work on this with limited assets, also in isolation due to the NDA and secrecy around the story reveal. I saw this project through from thumbnail concepts, briefing VFX teams, presenting back to stakeholders, creating the iconics in Photoshop and then creating advertising and marketing assets for print and online. The artwork helped to bring in millions from the Asia markets and recieved a great response from fans of the show across the world.