Shifting Sands: Anxious Landscapes in Urban Worlds

  • Emma Hanson
  • Katherine Dawson

Shifting Sands: Anxious Landscapes in Urban Worlds is the visual representation of a year-long research project which sought to capture the processes of urban development in Accra, Ghana. Here, colonial legacies embedded in the politics of land and the inequalities of the contemporary global economy have given rise to conditions which challenge the ability to secure sustainable and just urban futures. The research explored two sets of spaces in the city: a resource periphery and an emerging urban centre. ‘Shifting sands’ speaks to the conjuncture of these spaces as an urban landscape in constant flux, change and becoming. Understanding the nature of the work and how it was conducted, the event was hosted as an information exchange and fundraiser for local communities who facilitated the research, supported by LSE's (London School of Economics) geography and environment department and the ESRC (Economic Social and Research Council). Credits: Artist - Kate Dawson Production, curation & graphic design - Emma Hanson Event photography - Emma Hanson DJ - Sholz (Native Sound System) Drinks sponsorship - North Pole Crush Venue - Hoxton Basement