Shop Don't Drop Campaign

Campaign to help tackle the issue of clothing waste in the borough of Highbury and Islington. The campaign would work across print and digital media to highlight the issue of clothing waste and would engage with an audience that may not be aware of or interested in green issues. For this brief I created all of the graphic elements (logo, poster campaign and website) as well as the copy and call to action.

My Shop Don't Drop campaign is aimed at wannabe fashionistas who add to the tonnes of clothing waste that end up in landfill, by buying inexpensive clothing and throwing them away after a few wears. Inspired by fashion icons and quotes from leading designers the print campaign aims to make fashionistas think before they buy and to shop smarter. The campaign also aims to engage with the key demographic via the Shop Don't Drop website where they can get tickets to talks from fashion icons, learn where they can recycle their clothes, shop vintage and even learn how to make their clothes live longer through tips on altering and tailoring.

Client: Student project

Team Credits

Karen Cazabon

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