Short Writing for Seed

  • Emily Gunn

Seed. is a community dedicated to celebrating storytelling. Each week, three people are selected to write a ‘seed' in less than 100 words, inspired by one image. In other words, three people are asked to interpret the story within the frame. Who are the characters? Where is the story set? What is the bigger picture?

Charlie and Jason’s fantasies of escaping reality had been parked in limbo while the US halted all flights out of the country. Charlie’s life savings, embezzled from his family, now tarnished. After being dismissed and disowned from his father about his sexuality, Jason spent most evenings self-isolating into the stars. Only late last night he watched an unfamiliar figure wearing his boyfriend’s woolly hat approach his father at the door. Jason needed to decide whether to unleash an unsettling truth that would change confinement in Charlie's household forever.


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