Shots Awards - Take Your Best Shot

  • Cyrus Vantoch-Wood
Theming the awards program for Shot Magazine
Challenge- With the ever expanding awards shows within our industry, we needed an identity to cut through the clutter and make people pay attention to the Shots Awards 2015. This included giving a premium feel and helping our audience understand the quality of the competitors.
Idea - The concept and ambition for the Shots Awards was simple; advertising is one big, no-holds-barred, dirty, twisted scrap.  We attempted to capture the daily ad brawl we live and love with the high quality values of Shots. To bring it to life we cast real industry people and attempted to get them riled up, then set them loose on our 1000fps Photron greyscale camera. It was surprisingly easy, we just talked about industry margins and flashed a copy of campaign magazine. The final piece has a hunger and emotion that I think most of us will connect to.