Shots Block - read the news without feeling woozy

  • A Rose

A Chrome extension that blocks images of injections, so you can browse the internet without images of the Covid-19 vaccination ruining your day.

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Right now, people’s lives depend on the Covid-19 vaccine being injected into as many arms as possible. The news media is playing a crucial part in reassuring the public that this is safe and important.

But these articles are inadvertently putting many off - a recent study into visual communication found that a fear of needles was the biggest barrier to people’s willingness to get the vaccine.

The fear of needles ranges from feeling squeamish when seeing a photo of one, to outright refusing medical care. And this isn’t a niche phobia, it affects, 20-50% of children, 20-30% of adults and even 27% of hospital employees*.

Introducing Shots Block, a Chrome extension that blocks these images from loading on the sites you visit.

It works by looking for keywords such as vaccine, injection and syringe in the alt text on images and replacing them with a big yellow square. The yellow comes from the NHS vaccine roll out branding and is an inversion of the usual blues that come through in the gloves, signage and uniforms often seen in photos of injections.

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