Problem: to make Snake&Dagger jeans stand out in the market, and place emphasis on the process of how the jeans are made in London
Idea: to relate the toughness of the jeans through the making process and washing with stuntmen, DareDevil Denim
Execution: to appeal to the customer base, a social media campaign was created, with PR and print both featured
PR Stunt
To show the toughness, a series of stunts would take place all over London (where they are made), with stuntmen doing stunts in the jeans
Video Channel
These stunts would then be uploaded to their Youtube channel, and particular sections used as preroll advertising
Twitter feed
The use of Twitter would allow the audience to get involved, by suggesting stunts, and using it as a platform for Q&A with the stunt team
Print Adverts
Print advertising has also been created to further the campaign, with quotes from stuntmen and stills from the stunts


Lauren Ashton

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