• col dixon

BRIEF Soaper Duper is the brainchild of Marcia Kilgore founder of Soap & Glory, Fit Flop, BeautyPie and Bliss Spa. It’s an eco-based beauty brand that concentrates on being kind to your body whilst being kind to the environment. To shape up the brand as it was new out on the market (2018) and only had an information-based website and needed to transition into an eCommerce site. All the social media and brands that needed to find a voice and a tone that could resonate across all platforms. SOLUTION The first thing was to create a brand guideline, this was done by meetings with Marcia, the marketing manager, lead copywriter and various art workers. (to advise on time restraints of the product shots) Once the brand guidelines were in place with instructions on social media, photography, product shots and tone of voice as well as typography, iconography and palettes I set about training the company on how to implement these. Each week 3 emails was sent out, at the initial stage of inception of the brand I created a suite of 15 Html (responsive and tested) emails that was placed within Mailchimp. Each week I had to create 3 sets of creative assets that went on the homepage, landing page, facebook, instagram and email header.