Social Media Campaign for Hot Chip

  • Bethan Sandall
  • Louisa Pisaturo
  • Migle Kuzaite

The band Hot Chip came to us with a problem: ‘Are there any new physical products or formats, which a band like Hot Chip could explore as an alternative to the usual vinyl, cassette, t-shirt, poster experience that a fan could buy into, allowing fans to explore the world and workings of artists? As a team, we came up with PAVE, an experiential opportunity marketed as an interactive map. To support PAVE, we planned and created a social media campaign, promoting the experience to Hot Chip's die hard fans and new listeners. We pitched PAVE along with a professionally edited presentation to lead singer Alexis Taylor, who gave us extremely positive feedback: ‘It’s a neat, simple, playful, inspiring, useful and never-done-before-idea’ Alexis Taylor, Lead vocalist of Hot Chip. (2021)