Social Media Copy [Twitter] - Autumn Sherif

I was contacted by the manager of Autumn Sherif, a recording artist who recently was a finalist on the popular talent show: 'The Voice', to produce social content for twitter to promote her then upcoming EP - 'Human'.
It was required to be organic whilst having a potent and rant esque tone of voice.
I conducted research, reviewing real life examples of music artists who went on twitter rants for the cause of their art.
'All I wanted was the opportunity to express myself.'
'A chance to show to the world who I really am, I mean on the inside, not just what they see on the surface.'
'But sometimes I feel like the world doesn’t allow you to be yourself. It doesn’t appreciate anomalies. It only demands conformity.'
'And that is what I have been to told to do all my life, to conform'
'Conform to social expectations.'
'Conform to familial expectations.'
'Peer pressure, inclinations to fit in, eagerness for societal acceptance-they are all the same thing. Conceptions of a conformist society. '
'It hurts me so much to say, but the truth is, people will never be given the chance to express themselves. We must go and get it ourselves.'
'And that’s exactly what I did. I had to go and grab the opportunity to chase my dreams with my own two hands.'
'Regardless of people said or thought.'
'My journey was never simple nor an easy one. In fact, I faced resistance from the beginning. Conformity still hunts me, even up until now.'
'Regardless, I am honoured to share this journey with the world. Like I’ve always dreamt of doing.'
'Expressing myself.'
'The human that I am.'

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Richie Babalola

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Richie Babalola
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