Social Media vs Reality for giffgaff | video + influencer management ⭐️

Social media puts a lot of pressure on young people and giffgaff wanted to facilitate a conversation about it. Gen Z wants brands to speak up on issues that matter, and as a mobile network, this one felt natural to the brand.

Our research into the darker side of social media revealed four key themes Gen Zs struggle with the most and invited influencers to talk about them. Psychologist Bea Herbert from States of Mind joined us in the studio to give advice on each of the topics. We then delivered four 15-second dark ad clips linking to full-length IGTV videos. We also created an asset to help young people find balance between the offline and the online on giffgaff’s blog.
To further amplify the campaign, we asked over 50 micro-influencers to “spill the tea” on their online habits to help their followers understand their lives aren’t as perfect as it seems on social media. These selfie videos formed a UGC piece for Instagram that rounded off the campaign.
Brand: giffgaff Brand Creative Director: Layla West Brand Creative Lead: Nerissa Abrahams Agency: YRS TRULY Agency Creative Director: MJ Widomska Production & Creative: Ella Hagi Director: Kam Slowik Edit: Joseph Taylor