Sorted! Branding - The Postal Museum, London, UK

I worked as part of the KCA graphics team to design the identity for the Postal Museum’s new family zone, Sorted!
We re-adapted the museum’s existing envelope motif used for the overall museum’s identity, and injected a more playful element to it. The motif tumbles along with the letters of the word ‘Sorted’. The impactful colour palette is a combination of colours from the Postal Museum’s existing heritage and brights colour palette.
To support the overall identity, a set of solid shapes derived from the motif were constructed, along with hand drawn marks to be used as toolkit for designers to create their own compositions of illustrations.
We provided examples for use of this branding on both print and digital media.
We delivered the final logo and toolkit, along with a set of brand guidelines for the Postal Museum’s in-house graphics team to produce the final artwork for all marketing and promotional collateral.

[Above] Work in progress
Final branding and branding toolkit

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Fatima Hasan

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