Sound Monitoring

  • Jess Russell
  • Jacob James

This Sound Responsive code piece was developed as a way to monitor the sound levels of the university campus. Once the appropriate sound level was defined in decibels, the room was assigned a shape relevant to that sound level. The coding allows a laptop to monitor which shape level you are on, with the quietest levels detected making a triangle appear, and the highest sound levels making a heptagon appear. This was a collaborative project. My role was the coding and system creation.

The Challenge:
Solve the problem of factors affecting productivity on the Arts University Bournemouth. People find that they have different variables that prevent or promote doing work. The challenge is to find a factor that affects a majority of people and find a way for them to be aware of the work environment they are entering. It should be easily implementable in to the university as it is and be made with a low budget.

We researched the factors that affect most people, the majority of students had different preferences for volume levels that they work well in. We mapped the campus using decibel graphs and created 3D models which could have represented the average volume level of a building. These, although they looked great, were not easily understandable during focus groups. Therefore, we developed a new system, assigning shape stickers to varying volume levels. Triangle is almost silent volume; heptagon would be very loud. To then allow the students in the assigned rooms to be aware of their volume, we created a coded system that generates decibel measured images, so people working in a triangle room, can be sure to stay at a triangle volume, for the sake of other people in the room.

The Result:
“A pro-active approach to research and a strong level of documentation. Innovative and professional outcomes are evident and demonstrate understanding and ability to use systems across a range of media to an excellent level.”
- Tutor Feedback