South Asian Hair

  • Mathushaa Sagthidas

Hey guys check my new collaborative project about south Asian hair, link below ♥️ I have so many memories of my mum putting oil in my hair and how much I hated it at the time, especially because it smelled so strong. I found the whole process irritating but most importantly, I knew I was most likely to be teased for it at school. However, now looking back and having reconnected with my Tamil identity, it's something that I've started to implement into my self-care routine again, and it’s a way I show love and care towards my body. ♥️ Words, Concept & Creative Directors: @semirabadesha @mathuxphotos � Photographer/ Photo editor: @mathuxphotos � Videographer/ Video editor: @semirabadesha � Hair stylist: @calling4camilaa � Models: @sashakaurc @slaywithpri � Make up: By the models Styled: All of us