SPNetDigital Creative Process - PROPHETIC ART - KNIFE SERIES

  • Stephen Paine

Knives with color, detail and meaning. Accusation, Royalty, Circumcision, Sacrifice, Warfare, Discernment and Skill - Circumsision is particularly meaningful as in Joshua 5. Before the Promised Land there is a stop at Gilgal to roll back and remove the disgrace of Egypt. Right? That is how it is in life. Before the new land of Breakthrough and Opportunity there is usually a waiting period of, well, circumcision of people, places, attitudes and things. #circumcision #accusation #royalty #sacrifice #skill #discernment #warfare This was a fun personal project during May of 2019. Many things led up to the production and ideas. Painting and detailing the knives is very nice under a warm bright Spring day.