Spotify Moments - D&AD New Blood 2021

  • Mads Bailey

Music is personal and powerful. It can take you back to your childhood, remind you of a loved one, or be so amazing you need the world to hear it. Spotify Moments was a collaborative project between myself and designer Emma Black for the D&AD New Blood awards 2021. The brief was to create a feature for Spotify which introduced a social aspect to the app, connecting people through music to both their friends and their favourite artists.

Top image: Emma Black
Spotify Moments lets you create, share and archive the memories with music that matter most to you. Whether it’s a song that takes you #InTheMoment, or reminds you of that once-in-a-lifetime concert with @YourMate, or a podcast you’ve been laughing at for hours!

Here’s an example: Alex is in his favourite bar with his friend Sophie. They’ve just finished their deadlines and this is a treat they have been looking forward to for months. Drinks and good vibes are flowing. A song plays through the speakers that hits all the right notes and gets them onto the dance floor. This song is the soundtrack to their evening, and will always take them back to this night. This is Alex and Sophie #InTheMoment.
Soundtrack Your Life: Spotify Moments is your life in music. Each post you make, or are tagged in, appears on your profile under the Moments tab and in your personal Moments Playlist, creating the soundtrack of your life.
Image: Emma Black

Spotify believes that listening is everything. Spotify Moments isn’t a social media platform. It’s for sharing the audio that means the most to you, finding inspiration, and engaging with other music lovers.
Any Moments you are tagged in will appear at the top of your Friend Activity where you can choose to add them to your own profile and Moments Playlist. Collaborate to create the ultimate soundtrack, whether it’s a collection of songs from your big night out, all the best parts of your friends’ wedding, or a growing playlist of you and your families’ favourite tracks.
Image: Emma Black

By tapping the View Moments icon, see all the Moments of a particular song or podcast episode posted by other Spotify users. The built-in click to translate feature means it’s easier than ever to connect with others across the globe. Connect with the artists and content creators that you love and find out what songs inspire them through the Moments they post.
Let people know you’re #InTheMoment by showcasing your Moment on other social feeds.  Spotify generates a customisable graphic which can be shared easily to all other platforms or saved as an image. Choose from several colour themes to get the perfect look for your Moment.
Spotify Moments Figma prototype.

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