ST John Vision 2020 exhibition

  • Robyn Keet

Sight is a very personal and intimate experience for each person. Healthy eyesight determines the quality of life and experiences. This is at the heart of our exhibition; the images showcase the individuals that benefit from the Eyecare services that St John offers to South Africans and embodies our motto:"Pro Utilitate Hominum" - In the service of humanity.

Inner Voice Creative has been instrumental in the creation and execution of the St John Vision 20/20 exhibition. An exhibition that highlights accessible and affordable eye care for all South Africans, currently in Fishhoek Cape Town and soon moving to Stellenbosch, where at the end of August it will be moving to Johannesburg. This exhibition has been featured in the Art Times, Country Life Magazine, Mercury, and other relevant publications.

Robyn’s work in photographic exhibitions is inspired, carefully considered and conveys the narrative of ordinary people in an extraordinary way.
George Woods CEO St John South Africa
Robyn Keet from Inner Voice Creative, Photographer David Prior and his wife

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