Stories of Growth - November

  • Lucy Hardcastle
  • Henrietta Thompson

We’re excited to share four new episodes of our Stories of Growth podcast for November. Featuring inspiring entrepreneurs who are each progressive voices within their respective industries. Hayley Louisa Brown is Founder of Brick Magazine, an independent magazine celebrating the new age of hip-hop culture. As a professional photographer, she fell out of love with the world of commercial fashion and piled all her money and love film photography into doing her own thing. Tobias Peggs is CEO of Square Roots, an urban farming company based in Brooklyn. By pioneering new vertical agriculture technologies, refining the seed-to-sale model and training the next generation of farmers, Tobias is challenging what the future of farming might actual look like Henrietta Thompson, co-Founder of Harth, a high-end furniture and artwork rental platform that's looking to change the way we think about the objects own. Lucy Hardcastle is an artist who creates sensual storytelling for a digital age. A self-confessed art geek, she's trying to bring more tactile and tangile experiences into our increasingly digital worlds. To listen - search Stories of Growth on all major listening platforms, or head to our app.


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