STUDIO 27°: A creative platform for womxn and non-binary creatives & innovators

  • Veronica Asenso

STUDIO 27° is a creative platform for womxn & gender non-conforming artists and innovators. This digital platform aims to connect and strengthen artists around the globe as well as creating opportunities for those who have been unrepresented in the creative industries. All creatives should be included, recognised, rewarded, and reap the benefits of their own creations. As a brand new platform we are determined to develop STUDIO 27° that can serve its artists and beneficiaries to the best of its ability. To stay up-to-date on our progress and the latest news, become part of our extended family by signing up to our newsletter below. IG: @27de.grees FB: STUDIO27

We are looking for an extra pair of hands, so if you're interested in getting involved and want to perfect your skills along the way. Don't hesitate to message me.