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  • Kelly Simes

Email Subject: Why Les Chauvins In Such A Fantastic Location For A Family Vacation

Dear [first name]

Covid has changed so many things about how we live our daily lives and the choices we make.
Given the opportunity to travel either domestically or globally, now or in coming months and years, data shows very clearly that more and more people want to escape their town or city lives for a vacation in a more remote and peaceful setting.

There is an increased desire to be in rural environments, connecting more closely with nature and returning to simple pleasures such as exploring the countryside and its sleepy villages. Walking, cycling or taking to the water to see the landscape from a canoe or kayak, are all activities that are now massively more popular than before.

Convenient, Connected and yet Secluded
You can travel to Les Chauvins conveniently by road, rail or air with a choice of airports, all in reasonable driving distance. As you leave the main roads and navigate to your peaceful destination on the quiet country lanes, you will be in awe of the beautiful views of hills and woodland, fields of sunflowers and golden crops and soon feel yourself start to relax and unwind.

You’ll find our 400 year old farmhouse at the end of a quiet lane which becomes a grass track leading into the surrounding breathtaking countryside, close to the border of the Charente and Dordogne departments.
It certainly feels remote as your gaze is drawn to the rolling hills and woodlands that present picture perfect views, but it’s only a 5 minute drive south to the small village of Salles Lavalette for a boulangerie, bar and restaurant.