Sun's Out Guns Out

  • Franz Johan Bierschwale

Credit: Sound Designer | Music Composer Roles: Sound Design, Music Composition, and Wwise Implementation and Mix. Sun’s Out Guns Out was a collaborative project taken place in Vancouver Film School with a great team of Sound Designers, Programmers and Game Designers. The video is a speed run of the game as a final delivery. Below you’ll find a link to download the game (playable on Windows platforms) and another link to a detailed report on the development process written by Audio Programmer, Timothy Coish.

These are the two samples of interactive music score I wrote for the game. V1 was made for the initial concept of the game which was a lot more Sci-Fi in look (set on the alien spaceship). V2 was used in the final iteration of the game and was set to fit the beach settings of the game.

Sun's Out Guns Out Interactive Score V1

Sun's Out Guns Out Interactive Score V2