Superdry Collaboration

  • Kyla Wilkinson

One off Superdry Graphic Hoodie (2019) In collaboration with design manager Matty Charman Last summer I interned in the graphics dept at British clothing brand, Superdry, at their head office in Cheltenham. During my time at Superdry, I collaborated with the head designer Matty, to create a graphic for a men's hoodie. Working with industry professionals has given me an insight into what it's like to work in a professional environment, and gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in hand-lettering and software, particularly Adobe Illustrator.

Scan of the original hand lettering/typography, which formed the basis of the graphic
Moodboard - with a focus on vintage motorsports & racing apparel
The final graphic - created using Adobe Illustrator
Garment flat lay shot
Model shot