Support #BlackOwnedBusinesses Locally and Globally

  • Amy Pateman

The world is undoubtedly in crisis, yet through these uncertain and alarming times it has become apparent that now is a greater moment than ever to show support for one another and unite. There are a number of different ways we can each become involved in the Black Lives Matter movement even if we are unable to join a protest ourselves. Donating and educating oneself and each other through films, books and TV shows are all great ways to stay involved in the movement. Another way could be through supporting Local and Global Black-Owned Businesses. In the past month hundreds have been gathering to Twitter to share business owners and their brands through the hashtag #BlackOwnedBusinesses. The hashtag aims to inform consumers on businesses across the globe that they should invest in and support during this difficult time, instead of investing in predominantly white- owned businesses that are often extremely wealthy. It’s inspiring seeing the public come together to reinforce the importance of supporting black-owned businesses and brands both on a small and large scale. Check out the hashtag #BlackOwnedBusinesses to show your support. There are also a number of apps and online directories that can help you find businesses in your local community to support, this is great for those of you who don’t use Twitter or even just for a more condensed and specialised list. Four of my personal favourites include: UK Black Owned Businesses- UK Black Owned Businesses (UKBOB) is a one-stop online directory which aims to promote wealth creation and retention in the African- Caribbean community by connecting quality UK black-owned businesses to potential customers. For more information visit or follow on Instagram @ukblackowned. Jamii- Launching in August 2016, Jamii is a discount card and discovery platform which aims to connect consumers with the best of independent black-owned businesses in the UK. Get your discount card today at or follow on Instagram @ukjamii. Shoppe Black- Shoppe Black is an online platform for all things black-owned. Started back in 2015 it creates and curates content related to black business ownership and black culture on a global scale. The husband and wife team are currently expanding their business to include a global business directory and a business agency that will provide black-owned businesses and professionals with much needed services and resources. For more information visit or follow on Instagram @shoppeblack. Black Nation- The Black Nation is a business discovery app that connects its consumers to hundreds of black-owned brands worldwide, featuring numerous categories, a rating system and direct links to websites or socials. Download here and follow on Instagram @blacknationapp.


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