Supporting Learning Communities

”Supporting Learning Communities” is the first EVS project designated to help disadvantaged communities in Cabanyal neighbourhood from Valencia (Spain).
The project lasts for 10 months and aims to offer a new perspective for one small part of the population which lives in extreme poverty, barely having access to food and clean water.
Three volunteers from different countries are gathering for 10 months and providing social work in one school from Cabanyal, ”Escuela Santiago Apostol”. This is where most kids from the community are going to school, the role of the volunteers being to assist in the educational process and offer guidance.
Besides working in the school, the project has also the function (indirectly) of saving the neighbourhood. Seven years ago, the Government decided to extend a boulevard for reaching the seaside more easily, by destroying Cabanyal Neighbourhood. The population opposed and received help from various NGO's. As a consequence, the project was abandoned, not before 100-150 houses were destroyed. Nowadays, associations such as Salvem Cabanyal are doing a great work in protecting the patrimonium houses which are still standing up in the Spanish ”barrio”.

Personally, this project means more for me than simply teaching kids English. It means being able to offer them a new perspective on the world, to offer them resources to be able to start dreaming big about having a better future, a great career, offering them that sparkling hope that their life, maybe, can be better and different from the mess they see around themselves right now. Besides working with children, I'm also working with two other local NGO's:- Association Brufol - where I work with women, teaching them how to read and write.- Movimiento contra la Intolerancia Valencia - where we are a small team organizing all sorts of events for disadvanted communities, but this time wider, treating delicate themes like:
  • islamophobia
  • homophobia
  • antisemitism
  • intolerance against diverse etnies, such as the gipsies
  • human rights in the world
  • xenofobia
  • racismo etc.

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