In 2015 SWM™ was a dead brand that used to make off-road motorbikes. This exercise consists in making the brand live again, by giving it new values and new features, all of them resumed in its brand book, magazine and video.
The book tells about the story of SWM and its successes, it is reported also an interview with a man who worked in the factory and in the end there is the new structure of the brand. The new values given to the brand are passion, recklessness, reliability and curiosity.
The new brand has also its own magazine, with articles about topics related to SWM's world, for example adventures, travels, music and so on. It had to be chosen also what kind of brands to promote inside the magazine.
In the last artefact, the brand video, the product is never shown because it is meant to give a particular mood, and to represent the typical "SWM man": adventurous, reckless and confident.
/ We reject the monotony
/ We abandon the everyday
/ We do not take the beaten path
/ We choose the most inaccessible paths
/ We live outside the box
/ We are born explorers
/ We are the curious who know no boundaries
/ We are adventurers of our time.

Team Credits

Riccardo Carrara

  • Message
  • Communication Designer

Project Tags

  • Branding
  • book design
  • Magazine Design
  • editorial design
  • videomaking
  • Copywriting
  • Concept Development